I'm left paralyzed by the incompetence in self preservation, self realisation.
In the spectrum of these contingencies, guidance is darkness in the light of truth.

If you claim not to be blind, how come you can not see?
You're given only one choice; the choice of being choiceless.
You’d rather feed on easy lies than chew on bitter truth.
Obedience for convenience.

It is beyond all comprehension. We crave for answers but we lack in patience. And you convince us, wandering sheep, that we are lost and that you'll find us. Or will you hunt us down?

Dragged back to the herd. No praise for individuals. You’re sold suppression with a mask of kindness. I haven’t run astray, but I’ve seen the blood on your hands. I won’t be slaughtered today.


from Deprived of Compassion, released January 29, 2016



all rights reserved


xHeartfeltx Belgium

5 straight edge kids from Alken, Belgium, playing 90's influenced metalcore.

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