Deprived of Compassion

by xHeartfeltx

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jens Wouters at Larsson Studio/Mastering during May 2015.
Vinyl released through Mosh Potatoes,
CD released through Clenched Fist Records and Mark My Words Records (UK).

LPs and CDs can be purchased at every show and through our Big Cartel online store.


released January 29, 2016



all rights reserved


xHeartfeltx Belgium

5 straight edge kids from Alken, Belgium, playing 90's influenced metalcore.

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Track Name: Betrayal
I've closed my eyes for far too long to see the harm that lies in front of me. We choose money over mind, we choose economy over empathy. We've got love for your life, pay cash for your corpses. Cheap lives for the taking (as) it feeds our indignity. It feeds our hypocrisy. We're all to blame for the hell they put you through, the iron bars surrounding you. The howls, the fear, the pain. This guilt I can not wash away. Deprived of love, Deprived of hope. Enslaved for human luxury.
Track Name: Threads
Please don’t tell a soul about the threads I stole from her existence, while faking innocence. ‘Cause day by day I wove them into this patchwork of flaws I call myself. (Because) this self conditioned self confidence isn’t nearly self sustainable. Don’t tell a soul the horrible truth behind this mischief. She might reclaim them and tear me apart. She sooths the beast that feeds violence and injustice and claws at my existence. I am the beast.
Track Name: Shepherd
I'm left paralyzed by the incompetence in self preservation, self realisation.
In the spectrum of these contingencies, guidance is darkness in the light of truth.

If you claim not to be blind, how come you can not see?
You're given only one choice; the choice of being choiceless.
You’d rather feed on easy lies than chew on bitter truth.
Obedience for convenience.

It is beyond all comprehension. We crave for answers but we lack in patience. And you convince us, wandering sheep, that we are lost and that you'll find us. Or will you hunt us down?

Dragged back to the herd. No praise for individuals. You’re sold suppression with a mask of kindness. I haven’t run astray, but I’ve seen the blood on your hands. I won’t be slaughtered today.
Track Name: Freezing Point
There are too many wars against mankind and we’re all aware. An uneven standoff of the ones that see life for what it’s truly worth. Martyrs waving banners of ideologies, but lack the voice of a majority.

I see the voiceless suffer and my heart bleeds. But it’s easily forgotten. We choose indifference. Convince ourselves of ignorance. Martyrs waving banners of ideologies, but lack the voice of a majority. I'm fed up by our own middle class hypocrisy.

We still consume the flesh of those we’ve mourned for. With no air left to breathe, we’re burning fuel like oxygen.
Track Name: Heartfelt
There’s a lot of anger boiling (that) I’ve got to get off my chest, but it’s heartfelt. My veins get frozen in this age of hypocrisy. We lack a voice that is heartfelt.
Track Name: Boiling Point
I see violence but I can’t see rage. And in your anger I sense no discontent. I’ve stared too long into these hollow eyes. A lack of interest, a lack of pride.

Staring down the shoreline, I hate what we’ve become. A mindless herd in blind pursuit. As we suppress our screams of disbelieve, our throats are coarse from spitting hollow words.

I’ve been biting my tongue for far too long and I never liked the taste of blood. As we suppress our screams of disbelieve, our throats are coarse from spitting hollow words. And how easy do we move past these statues, disregarding our heritage. Following images in blind believe, while we walk towards our own destruction. As we race towards our own extinction.

In this violence, there is no rage. And in your anger, there is no discontent.
Track Name: Enslaved
You’ve let yourself be chained to a set of lies they market.
You’ve become just another product of this world's mass design.
Scratch till your fingers bleed on the door of amnesty.
Tied to a “ball and chain” begging for a life that you can't have.

And how can you say that your goal in life is freedom when you’re just...

Cloned puppets that focus with blind consumers’ eyes.
You fuel your depression with desires unsatisfied.
They’re always empty handed (and) with idle minds you fill them.
You claim that you’re a master but you’ve turned yourself into a slave.

It’s an illusion of possession but still they own our soul.
We’re on the edge of our free will and we’re about to fall.

Enslaved: leave your identity.
Engraved: bury your dignity.
Track Name: Bonded By Blood
We pull the cord that ties you to the land of the living. Pour my blood into the fight. We are at war. Buried head in hands engulfed by disbelieve. We’re left breathless. From the same root and bonded by blood. There's a flow in life I never understood. Wrapped in silence that is virtue in times when every word cuts through the air like knives. Like knives through rotten flesh. Curse the cancer that feeds on the life of the living. We’ve cut the cord that tied you, to us desperate living. No battles left to fight. We’ve lost the war.